Front book cover of "Passion and Grace" by author Gordon Kreplin

Passion and Grace

Passion and Grace, in ebook and print edition, is the collected poetry and photography of musician, author, photographer and teacher Gordon Fox Kreplin.

Throughout his artistic career, Gordon has found common elements of rhythm, form and color in music, imaging and poetry.  Passion and Grace is a collection of poetry from the 1980s to the present. The photographs chosen for each poem were selected from Gordon’s many imaging awards for photographic excellence.

This artist’s passion for music, language and imaging has shaped an artistic curiosity that reveals itself in the poetry and photography of this collection. 

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His poetry and photography pulse with the rhythm of life and love. This rhythm is nothing less than passion. Images of light and darkness continue to emerge as if by magic. This is sheer grace. Peruse this book with a casual eye and where you catch a glimpse of grace breaking into the mundane or you feel the pulse of a passionate rhythm; pause, take it in, enjoy. I did and I think you will too.”

The Rev. Phillip R. Glick
Episcopal priest and Army National Guard chaplain, retired.

Gordon Kreplin’s Passion and Grace is an imaginative blend of literary and photographic arts, beautifully crafted with the rhythm and harmony of a master musician, inspired by and dedicated to the Master Creator.

Dr. Bruce H Frazier, DMA
Professor Emeritus, Western Carolina University

In Passion and Grace, Gordon Fox Kreplin offers the reader a rich feast of wonder for the senses and the soul. An internationally acclaimed classical musician and photographer, Gordon brings an acute sense of rhythm to this work, from the steady metronome of the seeker’s heart to the soft swish of a lapping wave and the syncopation of street lights, filtered through leaves in a fall breeze.”

Eve Turek
Landscape & Wildlife Photographer, 2014 World Photographic Cup Gold Medalist, Owner of Yellowhouse and Sea Dragon Gallery in Duck NC

Please, don’t just read Gordon’s exquisite book; take time to absorb his words and his images, and experience the flow of memories and emotions that flow from your own life. His verse is intuitive and insightful, probing an awareness of life as it was, as it is, and what it might be with the power of love and faith.

Helen Yancy
Past President of Professional Photographers of America, Owner Helen Yancy Commissioned Portraits

Gordon Kreplin has produced a most interesting combination of poetry and photography in his recent book, Passion and Grace.  The imagery is compelling and beautiful, and very well  presented.  His knowledge and use of light to project a mood in his images is flawless.  He has shown his knowledge of photography by selecting a combination of black and white, straight color, and infrared images.  All could stand alone in a book of images without the poetry, but the chosen images go well with the poem they accompany and give the reader a place to rest while contemplating the words just read.

The fact that Gordon has divided the volume into chapters makes it easy to read a section at a time and rest before going on, which allows one to contemplate the moods, and thoughts, and how they were expressed.  The poetry itself reflects an open, searching soul without being trite or elementary.  Each poem offers the reader a moment in time and an emotion to go with it.

Gordon’s natural human instincts are reflected in works such as “Shining Man,” while his spirituality is found in many others, showing a deep faith in “Fear’s Shadow,” “Flowing Cross,” and “Light Transcendent.”  And there is reality for us to relate to in “Christmas Rumble” and “1000 Cuts.”

This would be a wonderful book to read on a chilly winter’s night before the fire perhaps, and I highly recommend it to readers who are looking for an evening of thought and contemplation.

Patricia A. Hansen, B.A., M.Photog., M.Artist, CR.
Biology teacher, Master Photographer and Photographic Artist, musician.
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Being still with words and images. What a soothing joy to be taken into Gordon’s spiritual imagination! It is a book not to be devoured but encountered slowly, thoughtfully and quietly. Thomas Wilson 9/21

Thoughtful and beautiful This book has some of the most beautiful photos and thought provoking prose. Take your time to enjoy the photos and let the words sink into your soul. Also try enjoying this book while listening to one of Mr Kreplin’s CD. William Wood 8/21

This is an amazing book! Gordon Kreplin’s Passion and Grace hold so many treasures that resinated with me as I turned every page. I bought the book over 2 months ago and it’s taken me this long to read it all, because I would need to stop and really ponder the message in every line or verse and what it meant to my own life. His photographs would transport me to wonderful destinations of location or emotion, and I would linger on the page, soaking in the comfort in the captured image. His poetry is raw, musical, confrontative, and soothing. This book will be one I pull from my shelf whenever I need to reflect, rejoice, or just revel in the joy that life brings. Thank you, Gordon! Patricia Williford 8/21

Do Not Miss This!! This is the BEST combination of written prose and photography I have ever seen and read. The authors command of the English language is compelling and when combined with World Class photos make for a delightful experience. This is a book you will read an reread and want to give as a gift to your more thoughtful friends! It is Powerful…. Grubworm 7/21

Beautiful poetry about life, love and faith. Photographs that tell their own story Gordon Fox Kreplin’s book – Passion and Grace is beautifully and inspiringly written. Every poem describes a heart touching story. The photographs make me feel like I am present as they surround me with their awesome beauty. Every time I read and I reread Gordon’s poetry I find more and more meaning for me in each poem. This book has certainly enriched my life. Get your copy now while it is still available! Richard Jackson 7/21

Meditation for the mind. Wonderful book of poetry. This is therapy for the mind. Pleased with this purchase. Stefany 7/21

Ascencion Recordings Inc
Kill Devil Hills, NC

Gordon Fox Kreplin – multimedia artist.

Gordon Kreplin is a concert and recording artist, photographer, author and teacher. Critics have hailed his performances as " masterful, transcendent, organic, and limpidly beautiful." Throughout his artistic career, Gordon has found common elements of rhythm, form and color in music, imaging and poetry. These passions have shaped an artistic curiosity that reveals itself in the music, writing and photography found here.