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Classical guitarist Gordon Kreplin on a page of music reviews

“In his recital at the Phillips Gallery, Gordon Kreplin played with an easy warmth … he gave himself time to follow the sensuous turns that abound in Spanish guitar music, imparting a languorous sense of space as the lines unfolded.”

  Joanne Sheehy Hoover, The Washington Post

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This recording is one movement from “Mass for Solo Guitar,” which was written for classical guitarist Gordon Kreplin by composer Robert Powell.

Reviews of Gordon’s concert performances

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newspaper reviews

” … Kreplin made magic … classical technique that was almost transcendent … the audience roared its approval.” Morgan­ Wilde, Tallahassee Democrat

“Tasteful discernment and phrasing … impeccable musicality and phrasing … all the possibilities of the instrument (exploited) with descriptive originality … eloquence and sensitivity … formidable … overwhelming and unquestionable success …” Nilda Urquiza, El Comercio, Lima, PERU

” … spirited and dynamic.” Raleigh News and Observer, Raleigh NC

presenter reviews:

“Those in attendance .. marveled at the artistry and skill of Mr. Kreplin” Lawrence O. Benjamin, Reichold Center, Virgin Islands

“Gordon Kreplin’s recital was all that earlier reviews had noted … sensitive interpretation, warmth, excellent technique … impressive.” G. Eugene Hill, Westminster College

“Superb technique … mature knowledge in the selection of program … virtuosity that should earn him top level ratings in any country.” Howard G. Neuberg, Barcelona, SPAIN

Reviews of Gordon’s recordings

Reviews about Bach in Brazil

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” In Bach in Brazil … Gordon Kreplin has given us something memorable … lingering both on notes and in precious silence … details that make it hard not to become completely absorbed in his play.” Michael Gill (Cleveland) Morning Journal’s ARCADE

“… an amazing guitarist … Kreplin’s playing is organic, lithe, muscular … limpidly beautiful. If you buy one CD this year, let it be this one.” Peter Fay, Washington Review

“I am recommending a … CD called Bach in Brazil … perfect for just about anything …” Brian Soergel, L.A. Jazz Scene

” Kreplin’s solo album Bach in Brazil will grab your attention. It showcases his elegant playing style, fine intonation and good variety of material.” David Steinberg, Albuquerque Journal

“… His playing is warm and easy. He’s one of those instrumentalists who make it all sound so simple that anyone could do it, while moving the listener to keep his CD playing.” Iris Lorenz-Fife, Views from the Coast

Reviews about Cathedral: re-released in 2021 with new material as Memories of Compostela

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” … worshipful and contemplative music … Unlike most popular guitarists, Kreplin plays clean … Few recordings carry classical guitar and fewer yet offer such superior renditions.”   Gerald Perschbacher, The Lutheran Layman

” … Kreplin displays a wondrous command .. a master horseman on a spirited steed.” Mike Parker, Christian Single

” … Kreplin shows real flair with Bach’s note spinning and creates a baroque lute hue in the bass … the Mass … is fascinating — a tonal, neoclassic work with chant and jazz overtones …” Bill Ellis, American Record Guide

” … CATHEDRAL is simply good music – magnificently performed – and delightfully encountered.” Ave Maria Press

… Mr. Kreplin’s performance of Mompou is masterful … a welcome addition …” Christine Farenhorst, Christian Renewal

If you like to pray or do spiritual reading with inspirational background music, … listen to CATHEDRAL” Gwen Costello, Editor , Religious Teacher’s Journal

… a very inspiring piece … beautiful music …Jay Madas, Mid-America Gospel Radio

… Mr. Kreplin is a genuine guitar virtuoso. Tom Bartsch, Program Director KENW-FM Portales NM and KMTH Maljamar NM

” Mr. Kreplin’s performance of Mompou is masterful.” Christine Farenhorst, Christian Renewal

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Gordon Fox Kreplin – multimedia artist.

Gordon Kreplin is a concert and recording artist, photographer, author and teacher. Critics have hailed his performances as " masterful, transcendent, organic, and limpidly beautiful." Throughout his artistic career, Gordon has found common elements of rhythm, form and color in music, imaging and poetry. These passions have shaped an artistic curiosity that reveals itself in the music, writing and photography found here.

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