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About Ascencion Recordings, Inc.

Ascencion Recordings Inc. is a NC corporation formed in 1995. We are fortunate to call the Outer Banks our headquarters and home. Ascencion Recordings Inc. dedicated to producing, presenting and performing creative works. Our products include concerts, music recordings, books and fine photography. We are the parent organization of Ascencion Music Academy in Kill Devil Hills, NC.

Mission and History

Ascencion Recordings Inc. is dedicated to producing, and presenting to the widest possible audience, creative works in the multiple disciplines of musical performance, music recordings, literature, and fine photography.

We are the parent organization of Ascencion Music Academy in Kill Devil Hills, NC, an independent studio music school dedicated to excellence in music teaching an learning on the Outer Banks.

Our principals are Gordon Kreplin – guitarist, photographer, author – and Cathy Pescevich Kreplin – vocalist, flutist, pianist, Music Director.

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Early in 1995, Gordon Kreplin and (then) Cathy Pescevich embarked on a journey to produce their first joint project: audiophile classical guitar recording “Bach in Brazil.” In November of that year, Ascencion Recordings, Inc. was born, a music production company dedicated to the recording and distribution of audiophile classical recordings. Over the ensuing years, the creative fruits of Ascencion Recordings, Inc. grew to include location recording services, concert performances, “The Art Place” gallery, “Ascencion Photography” fine art and portrait photography studio, and Ascencion Music Academy independent music school. Today, Ascencion Recordings, Inc. is re-mastering, and re-releasing, its audiophile recording catalogue to today’s listening standards. “Bach in Brazil,” was re-released in June 2021 followed by “Memories of Compostela” in September of 2021. A third release is expected before the end of 2021 and will include original works by guitarist Gordon Kreplin.

Ascencion Music Academy currently boasts four formally trained teaching artists and a studio clientele of over 100 families. We offer private and group lessons in guitar, piano, flutes and recorders, voice, folk instruments, hand percussion, music theory and composition.

In addition to our music recording, teaching and performance, we published a work of literature in May 2021: “Passion and Grace. The Photography and Poetry of Gordon Fox Kreplin.” Slated to begin next year, and the reason for this grant request, is a follow-up work of literature and companion piece to “Memories of Compostela.”

About our work

If you would like to talk with us about our work, please contact one of our directors: Gordon Kreplin at 252-207-3868 or Cathy Pescevich Kreplin at 252-955-0706. Our studio email is and our studio address is 115 West Oregon Avenue, Kill Devil Hills, NC 27948. We appreciate calls, letters, and emails. You can also subscribe to our post feed or sign up for our newsletter.

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Gordon Fox Kreplin – multimedia artist.

Gordon Kreplin is a concert and recording artist, photographer, author and teacher. Critics have hailed his performances as " masterful, transcendent, organic, and limpidly beautiful." Throughout his artistic career, Gordon has found common elements of rhythm, form and color in music, imaging and poetry. These passions have shaped an artistic curiosity that reveals itself in the music, writing and photography found here.

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