Concerts:  $500-$1250  plus expenses

Solo guitar, Gordon Kreplin

Guitar with flute, or voice and flute, Gordon Kreplin and Cathy Pescevich Kreplin

Residencies: $1250-$1950 plus expenses

Concert plus 2-3 days of community programs for schools, churches, civic clubs, hospitals.

Artists appear courtesy Ascencion Recordings, Inc.   252-207-3868

Gordon Fox Kreplin – multimedia artist.

Gordon Kreplin is a concert and recording artist, photographer, author and teacher. Critics have hailed his performances as " masterful, transcendent, organic, and limpidly beautiful." Throughout his artistic career, Gordon has found common elements of rhythm, form and color in music, imaging and poetry. These passions have shaped an artistic curiosity that reveals itself in the music, writing and photography found here.

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