Passion and Grace – a rich feast

Passion and Grace – a rich feast

kind words from reader and fellow artist Eve Turek …

“In Passion and Grace, Gordon Fox Kreplin offers the reader a rich feast of wonder for the senses and the soul. An internationally acclaimed classical musician and photographer, Gordon brings an acute sense of rhythm to this work, from the steady metronome of the seeker’s heart to the soft swish of a lapping wave and the syncopation of street lights, filtered through leaves in a fall breeze. 

This is work meant to be savored slowly. Gordon has paired his imagery with his words. Each leans in to support the other, like a fine wine with a meticulously prepared meal. Each sip, each morsel both nourishes and whets the appetite for more. Here the bread and the cup appear through extraordinary sensitivity to the beauty in seemingly ordinary moments, elevated to sacred ground. Here is call and response at its best.

Passion and Grace is a work I will return to again and again, when I need respite from the world’s weariness, when I need reminding to bring my own best to the world’s challenges, and when I need guidance to find the next right step.” 

Eve Turek

About Eve

-Eve Turek is an acclaimed landscape and wildlife photographer on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. She won the 2014 World Photographic Cup Gold Medal for her image “Meditation.” Visit Eve, owner of the Sea Dragon and Yellow House Gallery in Duck NC, at

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We are humbled that so many have thought to review Gordon’s debut work of literature, and we are pleased to share those kind words with you.

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Gordon Fox Kreplin – multimedia artist.

Gordon Kreplin is a concert and recording artist, photographer, author and teacher. Critics have hailed his performances as " masterful, transcendent, organic, and limpidly beautiful." Throughout his artistic career, Gordon has found common elements of rhythm, form and color in music, imaging and poetry. These passions have shaped an artistic curiosity that reveals itself in the music, writing and photography found here.