Collective shudder,
a rumble of national proportion,
awakes me from deep sleep.
Three AM, a time for rest,
and blissful respite,
disturbed by energy collective.
Events, past present future
occlude from available reality
and Awarness Gestalt.
  Movements unknown
appropriate majority collective. 
Shadow lands draw near
with each national breath;
A darkness that cannot be defined
yet defiles thoughts, words and actions,
shapes awareness unknown to self.
  Anxiety waves, like ocean,
upon darkness that seems light,
spring forth in projection-electron.
So passive seeming, yet, 
each pass becomes hopeless;
a hammer of doubt,
yet to be determined (in process}.
Talking, shouting, whispering heads,
empty in rhetorical undertaking
become subject, nihilistic-
Medium is the message, a non choice,
Echoes of empty prophets
Thoughts of vapid nature
impose upon all who watch,
but do not see.
  Day sleepers awake,
find strength in faith not tested!
Pray for those yet oppressed,
Who dare to mention doubts,
Who dare to see with centered presence!
Only choice moral, given freely,
becomes collective action uncrossed.
Hold tight to transcendent cross 
Reach out as it passes 
the awareness of our 
Collective Rumble.

   Nov 2, 2020 Gordon Kreplin, Outer Banks NC

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  1. Billy Stewart


    Beautiful work in ALL domains Gordon.
    Wishing you the well in these unwell times.

    • Cathy Pescevich Kreplin


      Hi Bill! This is Cathy Pescevich Kreplin replying back to you. I happen to be completely re-working Gordon’s wesite, top to bottom. Got started yesterday evening, and here you are already! Thank you for your kind words, which I shared with Gordon. I am sure he will contact you back. Best wishes to you, too!

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